Founding Members and Friends:  From left rear to right: Jersaint Charles, Emmanuel Charles, Friend, Fritz Felix, Friend, Defunct Eric Breneus, Carlo Sauvignon, Eddy Charles.

This is Hans Felix, The first Band Leader of Volo Volo de Boston from the very first Album entitled "Caresse". Hans has produced more hit songs than anyone since day one and was the heart and soul of Volo Volo de Boston.. Composing and writing the sweetest songs to bring to the fans was his passion and he did that quite well. Without his talent perhaps Volo Volo de Boston would not have made it to the international scene. Today we honor Hans Felix and label him " Godfather of Volo Volo de Boston" for his lifetime contribution to the Group. " Respect to you Brother Hans "
Hans is currently Production Manager of the Group as we carry his legacy forwardly to future generations.


If you are not authorized to use the name and music of Volo Volo de Boston, please refrain from using to avoid prosecution...All Rights Reserved

This retro-picture was taken at the Copley Plaza back in 1978. It was our first concert after Ti Mano, Ricot Mazarin, Fritz Felix, Eddy Charles and Carlo Sauvignon Left. This is called the 2nd Phase after the first 1975 Album. In this picture, at the center is DIANE RIZZA General Manager 1978 and from left to right are:  Edouard Salvant, Fequiere Lucien, Chris Bazile, Pressoir Desruisseaux, Hans Felix, Camille Sylvain, Emmanuel Charles, Jersaint Charle, Serge Fleury, Eddy Catan and Laud Jean-Jacques.  

DIANE RIZZA, a woman who fell in love with the Haitian culture and particularly its Kompa Music, had chosen to manage VOLO VOLO DE BOSTON® and assisted them in putting back the broken pieces from where they left off after they split up from the tour to Haiti. Diane Rizza gave her all to the group to ensure they had everything they needed to hit the road once again and to enjoy continued success. Indeed, on their opening night at the Copley Plaza, the fans poured in till the night was sold out. We had a crowd of over 800 people that very night. Diane and her sister JOANNE RIZZA, # 1 FAN OF VOLO VOLO, (Joanne is the mother of the famous David Rizza, Percussionist with System Band and  formerly with Skah Shah and who also became who he is today because of Volo Volo de Boston since the age of 14,), are both deceased but will remain a part of Volo Volo de Boston's history forever.....WE THANK YOU DIANE RIZZA AND JOANNE RIZZA FOR ALL THE LOVE YOU HAVE BESTOWED UPON VOLO VOLO DE BOSTON®. THIS PAGE IS DEDICATED TO BOTH OF YOU.  (RIP) 


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Dedicated to Diane Rizza and Joanne Rizza