Our History Volo Volo de Boston®-Caressé 1975                             

After the release of this first album in 1975, Volo Volo de Boston became one of the leading TOP 5 Haitian Bands leading the charts in the Kompa category. The reason for this was very clear. The album was a "smash hit" featuring six hit songs: Caresse, Amour Volo, Hep Camarade, Riviem Simalo, Pyes Nan Do and Regrets. A FORMIDABLE REALIZATION. The band toured extensively during that period travelling here and abroad with 2 lead vocalists: Ricot Mazarin and Ti Manno. There were also Hans Felix, guitarist and band leader; Laud Jn Jacques, Keyboard; Eddy Charles, Jersaint Charles, defunct Moise Desir on Sax, Serge Fleury, Eddy Catan and Fritz Felix. Emmanuel Charles, whose picture is not featured on the front cover but on the back cover, also played bass guitar on one or two songs and was the former sax player prior to the arrival of Moise Destin.

With these songs, Volo Volo de Boston enjoyed continued success and toured abroad to places like Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyanne Francaise, Paris, Panama, Canada and across the U.S etc..

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VOLO VOLO DE BOSTON's Current & Active Musicians areFrancois St Preux , Lead Guitar/Maestro---Fequiere Lucien, Lead Singer---Shiller Joseph, Sax Alto--- Bass Guitar--- Jean Marie,  Guitar---Mario Registre, Drummer---Jean Saintvil , Percussion--Fred Hilaire, Conga 

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Fequiere Lucien, CEO                                                                                                                                         Fritz Felix, President

Hans Felix, Production Manager,                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Former Band Leader



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Our first Album "Caresse" featuring legendary singer Antoine Rossini  Jean Baptiste dit " Ti Manno "

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